Using Technology-infused Interventions to Motivate Students

Lisa Nielsen, over at the Innovative Educator blog, shares an inspirational project from a class of Pennsylvania students who were tasked with creating a compelling video to change the world. The videos are powerful, and the students’ investment in them is nearly palpable.

However, technology-infused projects are still a rare occurrence in most schools. Nielsen writes, “How can we make schools places where you don’t have to wait until the last few days at the end of the year to make time for world changing? This is the work that excites and motivates students to want to stay in school.”

Her statement is right on. Project RED’s comprehensive research study discovered that technology-transformed interventions are the top-model predictor of improved high-stakes test scores, dropout rate reduction, course completion and improved discipline.  And this is especially true for targeted intervention classes, such as ELL, Title I, and reading intervention.  Online collaboration and interaction among students contribute to improved graduation rates and other academic improvements.

With that knowledge, how can you help your districts’ students stay motivated and engaged to their full potential in the upcoming school year—without waiting until the last two days of it? Share your ideas here or at the Project RED Forum.

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